It's all about the process..

I’m a Creative Rituals Guide, Reiki Master, + Process Artist that paints with nature’s cycles and helps you accept where you are in life.

Stuck in limbo? the unknown? uncertainty? the VOID?

I believe it’s all about trusting the process and journey, rather than the product, outcome or destination.

My process

The Inner Landscape

I focus on exploring the inner landscape through inward, reflective energy of the New Moon with an affirmation, manifestation ritual and reiki energy infused within the first layer of the painting. This is where I tune into the deepest desires and connect with Astrology of the moon phase.

The Outer Landscape

I explore the outer landscape through active, outward energy on the Full Moon with a releasing ceremony and paint the Moonscape as the second layer of the painting.

Always allowing part of the first layer to be seen in the finished piece to remind us of where we came from through the phases of our journey.

"Painting with nature's cycles has taught me that I can't rush the process. I can plant my seeds of intention and then I need to show up for where I am on my journey today, here, now and in the present, and it makes it easier to surrender to and accept that."

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