for the earth- & energy- conscious
inspired by

the earth. cosmos. art. interbeing. & community.

we are all one.


inspire + create your personal practice.

Create an impact


“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha

⟡ feel all of your feelings and be okay with it

⟡ move through uncertainty & the unknown

⟡ raise your frequency

⟡ embody rituals through personal practice

⟡ align with your purpose


"What is on the outside is inside. And what is inside is outside. And the highest stage of this homecoming in the yoga tradition is called samadhi, which literally means 'bringing the world together.' " – Stephen Cope

⟡ return to our own true nature

⟡ educate about sustainability & rewilding

⟡ gather in community

⟡ elevate the consciousness of our planet

We need a:





in order to grow.

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a safe virtual space to learn and grow through workshops and be in conscious community.