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If you are earth and energy conscious and believe in self and world healing through nature,

you are in the right place and I'm so glad we crossed paths.

Let's create a positive life, share an appreciation for our planet, experience the power of gathering conscious community, create art that expresses our inner and outer nature, and sprinkle in a little bit of magic!

for the nature lover, environmental enthusiast, outdoor adventurer, free spirit & seeker.

Tune in on Tuesdays and Fridays for weekly guest interviews with amazing humans doing amazing things as we discuss self- and world- healing through nature.

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What the community is saying

"Becoming part of the Inner Light Botanicals community and attending their gatherings over the past year has had a noticeable positive impact on my life. I had been quite isolated so it felt amazing to connect with a group of likeminded positive individuals. It has also helped me feel realigned with my mental health practices & grow as a person. Plus Mandee does an incredible job facilitating and leading us!"

“The gatherings hosted by Mandee at Inner Light Botanicals are truly something special. She makes each and every person feel welcomed with open arms. Mandee brings so much knowledge and positivity to each and every event or gathering. I have always enjoyed taking her yoga classes and joining in other gatherings with lovely groups of people!” 

"Inner Light Botanicals Yoga & Gatherings are always the highlight of my week. Inner Light Botanicals really holds a positive space for their community. This practice has been uplifting and helps me gain self confidence in the weeks, months, and years I have attended. I cannot thank them enough and I would highly recommend Inner Light Botanicals Yoga & Gatherings."

“Mandee truly has a gift of building community through her inclusive approach and she has a natural love and passion for nature that shines in everything she does. I love joining Mandee’s variety of workshops, gatherings, and group meditations as I’ve gained so much insight through her practices that have helped inspire me to discover new spiritual tools along my journey. Can’t recommend her enough!”


Are you ready to create an impact?


“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha

⟡ work with the rhythms of the seasons and moon cycles to develop a self-care practice that makes you feel your best

⟡ develop and embody personal practice with nature to feel reconnected to yourself and the more-than-human world around you

⟡ return to your own true nature and rediscover your purpose


"What is on the outside is inside. And what is inside is outside. And the highest stage of this homecoming in the yoga tradition is called samadhi, which literally means 'bringing the world together.' " – Stephen Cope

⟡ educate about sustainability & rewilding for our planet

⟡ gather with earth- & energy- conscious community

⟡ bring appreciation and awareness to the reciprocity of self- and world- healing through nature into our work and lifestyles