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you belong among the wildflowers: 5"x 7" Original Watercolor

Inner Light Botanicals

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you belong among the wildflowers: 5"x 7" Original Watercolor

Uniquely handmade with watercolor and black ink by local artist with the inspiring quote "you belong among the wildflowers" by Tom Petty. 

Frame it, hang it, gift it, or use it as a card! ~


  • Size: 5"x 7"
  • Materials: watercolor + black ink + white watercolor paper
  • ORIGINAL. No prints or replications. Signed by the artist. Only 1 available (pictured)



✭ Lancaster Local Artist: Jess Lyons, Plant Friendly ✭

Plant Friendly was established by local artist, Jessica Lyons, who loves to watercolor anything and everything to do with nature and the outdoors. She gets inspiration from the national parks she visits and recreates the beautiful scenery along with the sunrises and sunsets she sees!



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