Inner Light Botanicals Reiki I Certification in Nature Summer 2022

Reiki I Certification in Nature, Nolde Forest State Park, PA

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I am opening up a Summer 2022 class for Reiki I Certification in nature!

My Reiki trainings were a journey for me. I learned something more about myself at each level. Not surface level stuff, but deep things. Parts of myself that I was missing, pieces of the wholeness of myself that I could bring back home to me. 

What I love about reiki is that once you are attuned in Level 1, you will get your first symbol and you can access reiki energy for self-healing or you can begin doing reiki sessions for others for world-healing. 

Do you feel the call?

I was called to become a Reiki Master so I could share this healing with you. I aim to create a safe space interbeing with nature with an intimate small group to nurture this kind of growth and healing for you too.


Class Dates & Times (est): 

attendance of all dates/times are required for certification

SA 6/18 9am-12pm** held in-person at Nolde Forest - Opening ceremony attunement ritual, Intro to Reiki, Self-Study

SU 6/19 9am-12pm** held in-person at Nolde Forest - Deep dive, Hands-On Practice, Q&A

TU 6/21 7:30-8:30pm** held via Zoom - Summer Solstice & Closing ceremony



Investment: $350, $300 early bird until 5/31 




Mandee Metzger, founder of Inner Light Botanicals, is a trained and certified Reiki Master, Professional Crystal Healer and makes energetic work part of her mission and practice for self- and world- healing.  

No refunds. ♡ Any questions, concerns or things you'd like discuss prior to beginning training? email



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