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PRIVATE CRYSTAL YOGA SESSION (75 min, 3 Class Package)

Inner Light Botanicals

Regular price $225.00
PRIVATE CRYSTAL YOGA SESSION (75 min, 3 Class Package)

Individual or small group Private Crystal Yoga sessions are done Online through Skype for distance students, or in-home throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania only, at this time.

In-home session Counties include: York, Lancaster, Berks, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester and Philadelphia areas

Fill out your contact information to connect and book a time slot. Please indicate your intention/need for your session. ♡

Styles vary according to your needs. Styles offered: Meditative Restorative/Yin + Reiki, Stress Relief Gentle Flow, Power Yoga for Empowerment, Yoga Therapy for Anxiety/Depression, Yoga for Trauma and Recovery  

Crystals will be chosen based on your needs and a set of crystals for you to work with are included in the pricing. Crystals will be shipped in advance of the session for Online clients. Additional charge for extra crystals for small groups.

Prices: $225, 3-class package/ 75-min sessions. (includes a set of healing crystals)


questions first? email info@innerlightbotanicals.com

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