Plant as our Teachers: Herbal Friends and Allies in European-American Folk Herbalism with Tori Pyle of Brighter Than Gold Yoga | Mandee Metzger of Inner Light Botanicals |

Plants as Our Teachers Workshop w/ Tori Pyle ✭ TUES 10.25.2022 @8-9:30pm (online)

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Learn about plant personalities, affinities, favorite places, and ways to interact with them so you can deepen your next adventure outdoors. In this workshop, we'll cover meeting plants in the wild, interacting with their energy from a distance, applying them on the skin, and taking them into our bodies.

Join historian and folk herbalist Tori Pyle in a meet and greet of some of her long-term herbal friends, and allies in european-american folk herbalism.

About the Workshop Host

Historian and folk herbalist (among many titles), Tori Pyle brings curiosity and critical questions to all their endeavors and interactions. Some of Tori's favorite plant friends to work with are comfrey, nettle and lavender. She studied healing in various forms: herbalism with Maia Toll and Rosemary Gladstar, yoga and coaching with Create Karma, and magic and divination with Maia Toll and Gordon White. They also studied history and worked in museums for many years. She uses this training to make diverse and esoteric concepts accessible for the growth, discovery, and re-enchantment in fellow humans. Tori is the founder of Brighter Than Gold Yoga and you can connect with her on Instagram @brighterthangoldyoga and

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