“Self-study represents a profound paradigm shift. It is the moment in our journey when we let go of results and wholeheartedly embrace the process. Once we shift our focus from the results to the process itself, all situations become opportunities. We are present and can welcome all things.” – Rolf Gates // FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100+


Inner Light Botanicals

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Crystal Healing Sessions are done in-person at 342 N Queen Street in Lancaster, PA. 

Crystal healing is a form of energy work used to support wellbeing with the use of crystals. Mandee specializes in working with crystals to help support mental and emotional health and to provide relief from daily stress.

In your Crystal Healing Session, we will work together to support your current mental, emotional and/or physical needs by doing a combination of a crystal layout and reiki by placing crystals on the appropriate chakras per your needs as well as clearing energy blockages.

Please email info@innerlightbotanicals.com to schedule your appointment. 

Price: $55, 60-min session.




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