ep9 What Landscape Architecture Really Is, Mystery of the Creative Process, Journey of Publishing a Children&

ep.9 What Landscape Architecture Really Is, Mystery of the Creative Process, Journey of Publishing a Children's Book & Health Benefits of Nature w/ Baldev Lamba of Lamba Associates Inc & Temple University

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Baldev Lamba is principal of Lamba Associates, Landscape Architects and a Professor at Temple University. He earned his MLA from the University of Pennsylvania and his B.Arch. from the Delhi University in India. Lamba’s notable accomplishments include award-winning projects include the First Ladies Water Garden on the National Mall in Washington, DC; Hansell Park in Buckingham, PA; and the PHS Pop-Up Garden in Philadelphia; Excellence in Research and Creative Work Award from the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture, his acclaimed series of award winning Pop Up Parks and the publication of GREEN GREEN, a children’s picture book. In this episode Baldev and I chat about the misunderstandings about what landscape architecture really is, the mystery of the creative process, journey of publishing a children's book, projects that happen in their own time like the teachings of nature, reciprocity with nature, and the mental and physical benefits of being in nature.

Connect with Baldev:
Email - lambaassociates@aol.com or blamba@temple.edu
Google "Baldev Lamba" for more info

Hansell Park in Doylestown, PA
Green Green: A Community Gardening Story children's book by Baldev Lamba and Marie Lamba w/ illustrations by Sonia Sanchez

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