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ep.1 Welcome to the Just Earthly Podcast w/ your host Mandee Metzger

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Hello there and welcome to the Just Earthly Podcast! My name is Mandee Metzger and I'm your host. This episode is a little intro and sneak peek behind the mission and heart of this podcast. The Just Earthly Podcast is for the nature lover, environmental enthusiast, outdoor adventurer, free spirit & seeker. I hope you enjoy this podcast and upcoming interviews as much as I enjoy creating it! It would mean the world to me if you would follow along and share the podcast with any human that could find inspiration from it. Cheers to self- and world- healing!

About Your Host:

Mandee Metzger, founder of Inner Light Botanicals, Just Earthly YouTube channel and Just Earthly Podcast host, gathers earth- and energy- conscious community and hosts online workshops, in-person outdoor adventure retreats and trainings in nature that always have a deep focus on building conscious community, creating a safe space, and a foundation for going deeper in personal practice with hands-on practices to embody the work. Mandee also creates moss walls and houseplant paintings on cheery backgrounds because she truly believes that plants make people happy.

She is an advocate for self-healing and world-healing and aims to do this through her work.

Join the Earth- & Energy- Conscious Community for Self- & World- Healing:

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    Soil & Soul Workshop: Compost Old Patterns and Habits That No Longer Serve You w/ Morgan Visalli of Grow with Mo [9/22]


    Weekly Nature Meditations w/ Mandee Metzger [Wednesday Evenings]