Inner Light Botanicals Distance Reiki Session

Distance Reiki Session + Oracle Card Reading

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Reiki healing works with universal energy as a form of healing in order to encourage mental, emotional or physical healing.

In a Distance Reiki session, Mandee Nicole is the vessel that reiki will be sent through to you at distance.

What to Expect During A Session:

Distance Reiki healing sessions are done at a distance, from anywhere! Since we're all about nature over here, it's strongly encouraged to be in nature during the healing session- outside in the grass, on your balcony, at a nearby park, or in your home by your favorite houseplant! (Only if that feels good to you of course)

We connect by email to set intentions for your session. Then at the time of your appointment, we will connect by Zoom (or phone/text instead if you prefer). You'll get cozy and lay down in your chosen space while Mandee channels the healing energy of reiki to you during your session. We will end with an Oracle pull reading to see what message you need right now in your life.

Register for your session and you'll be sent a calendar to choose your appointment by email.

45 min $55


Current Hours:

TUESDAYS - 9am-9pm EST


Mandee Nicole is a trained and certified Reiki Master, Professional Crystal Healer, and Professional Crystal Reader.