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Distance Crystal Reiki Session

Inner Light Botanicals

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Inner Light Botanicals Distance Crystal Reiki Session

Crystal healing is a form of energy work used to support wellbeing with the use of crystals. Mandee specializes in working with crystals to help support mental and emotional health and to provide relief from daily stresses.

Reiki healing works with universal energy as a form of healing in order to encourage emotional or physical healing. 

In a Distance Crystal Reiki session, Mandee will harness the energies of crystals and reiki to be sent at distance.

What to Expect During A Session: Distance Crystal Reiki healing sessions are done at a distance, from anywhere! We connect by phone to set intentions for your session. Then you get cozy and lay down in your own space while Mandee selects appropriate crystals to support your intention and needs and will channel the healing energy of reiki and crystals to you during your session. 

30 min $35

60 min $50


Current Hours:

TU & TH - 5:30-9pm EDT

F - 5:30-7pm EDT

SA - 10am-2pm EDT

Email info@innerlightbotanicals.com for availability. No refunds after payment so be mindful of your commitment. ♡


Mandee is a trained and certified Reiki Master and Professional Crystal Healer. 

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