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Creative Mastermind ✭ May - July 2021 ✭

Inner Light Botanicals

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Creative Mastermind ✭ May - July 2021 ✭

Looking for a total of 4-5 super committed like-minded entrepreneurs who are working on their own businesses to form a Creative Mastermind to brainstorm and have the support and accountability with our creative projects. 


Location: Lancaster City

Dates: Saturdays 5/22, 6/5, 6/19, 7/17

Time: 3-6:30pm

Schedule: Arrive between 3-3:30pm, we'll work in the office at The Candy Factory (342 N. Queen Street, Rear, Warehouse D, Lancaster, PA) until 5pm and then walk to a coffee shop [ coffee shop TBD by the group :) ] from 5-6:30pm. *masks required

Investment: $25 total



Look for a follow-up email after registration closer to the start date on 5/22.

No refunds so be mindful of your commitment. ♡ 


Any questions, concerns or things you'd like discuss prior to signing up? email info@innerlightbotanicals.com

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