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05 *INNER GODDESS* Artisan Ritual Crystal Candle

Inner Light Botanicals

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05 *INNER GODDESS* Artisan Ritual Crystal Candle

Awaken your inner goddess with this artisan ritual crystal candle and embrace the qualities of beauty, love, strength, creativity, confidence, and wisdom within you. Save the crystals after burning the candle to sit around your living space or desk at work, carry around, or add to your collection. The ceramic dish that holds the soy wax was uniquely handmade by a local artist as a container for multifunctional use after your candle burns.


  • 26.8 oz
  • Materials: recycled soy wax, wooden wick, earthenware ceramic dish, baby's breath and pink flowers from Lancaster Central Market, amethyst cluster, two quartz points, rose quartz
  • Crystal Metaphysical properties: Amethyst - magnifies any energy or intention. Quartz - magnifies any energy or intention. Rose Quartz - encourages love and compassion.
  • Scented: lavender, cedarwood, peach essential oils
  • ORIGINAL. Only 1 available (pictured)



✭ Lancaster Local Artist: Jordan Yates ✭

 Jordan uses recycled soy wax to create crystal and flower infused candles. Each candle is poured into a ceramic dish that she creates herself. After usage, your dish can be reused for endless possibilities! Her love for Earth is the inspiration for each candle.



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