“Always remember that you are worthy. Always remember that the world needs your voice. And always, always, always remember that no one, not a single person in the entire universe, can be you better than you can.” – Cleo Wade // FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING ON ORDERS $35+

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How To Order Wholesale:


Want to help spread the light?


Wholesale opportunities are available at special discounted rates with a first order minimum of $200, and re-order minimum of $75, not including shipping. Get an additional 5% discount on your first order with wholesale orders of $400+.

These products are perfect for yoga studios, spas/salons, boutiques, natural healing spaces, therapy offices for clients, natural food stores, gift shops, metaphysical shops, online shops + more!~  

Please tell us a little about you in your message to inquire, along with the following information:

✭ which products,

✭ quantity of each product,

✭ when you need the products by,

✭ shipping address and where the products will be sold,

✭ e-mail address and phone number *please indicate the best way to reach you.


Other FAQ's:



After submitting your request, we will calculate the total dollar amount and send you an invoice. Upon receiving the invoice, the total amount is due at that time. We will provide you with a credit card authorization form or another digital method to pay. After payment of the invoice we will begin to fulfill your order.



Shipping times may vary upon size of order (We promise we are working to fulfill your order as quickly as possible though! We know you're excited to receive them as much as we are excited to send them to you!) but once shipped, we ship via USPS Priority Mail so you get your order quickly.



There are no refunds after payment of your order because we begin to make and fulfill your special order when payment is received. If damage occurs while your order is on its way to you, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing us with photos of the damage and package at info@innerlightbotanicals.com with the Subject: SHIPPING DAMAGE so we can make sure we can help you out as soon as possible.