About Us

" When you're an entrepreneur, you'll notice that your business will grow and evolve organically as you grow and evolve.
Inner Light Botanicals started with a passion to create and do something better for the world through offering a handcrafted vegan skincare collection that also helped you be more positive with a journaling ritual that went along with your skincare routine while you applied the product. The idea sparked from realizing how negative my thoughts were while getting ready in the morning and when I went deeper, I realized that I needed to cultivate more self-love and self-care for myself.
I always said that Inner Light Botanicals wasn't always just about skincare. It started with the physical body and then the mental body. But now it aims to increase planetary vibration and raise the consciousness of our planet. "
- Mandee Metzger, Founder


About the Founder

Mandee Metzger gathers earth- and energy- conscious community and hosts workshops, events and trainings that always have a deep focus on building conscious community, creating a safe space, and a foundation for going deeper in personal practice with hands-on practices to embody the work. She is an advocate for self-healing and world-healing and aims to do this through her work. 

She grew up in Lancaster, PA where she currently resides and has also been shaped by living in Philadelphia for a number of years where her yoga journey began. She is always following her curiosity and her heart which what has led her to become a yin, vinyasa and Kundalini yoga teacher, crystal healer, crystal reader, etheric practitioner, reiki Master, mindfulness and Ayurveda practitioner. 

Books, nature, the night sky, human connection, coffee, chai tea, tarot and oracle decks, crystals, sustainability, travel and learning new things lights Mandee up.