The Story

Inner Light Botanicals is a mindful lifestyle brand for the earth- & energy- conscious that advocates for your mental & emotional health and our planet through our connection with nature. ♡ 

We believe in creating a positive wonder-filled life, spreading mindfulness and a deeper appreciation for our planet, making art that reflects our inner and outer nature, and.. a little bit of magic that can only be found deep within.


Mandee Metzger, founder of Inner Light Botanicals, Just Earthly YouTube channel and Just Earthly Podcast host, creates art inspired by nature through the concept of biophilic design and gathers earth- and energy- conscious community and hosts online workshops, in-person outdoor adventure retreats and trainings in nature that always have a deep focus on building conscious community, creating a safe space, and a foundation for going deeper in personal practice with hands-on practices to embody the work. She is an advocate for self-healing and world-healing and aims to do this through her work. 

She is always following her curiosity and her heart which is what has led her to become a yin, vinyasa and Kundalini yoga teacher, crystal healer, crystal reader, etheric practitioner, reiki Master, mindfulness and Ayurveda practitioner. She also studies Ecotherapy and has completed EcoSattva training with One Earth Sangha and yoga for trauma and addiction training. She integrates her teachings with nature by connecting our inner nature and outer nature to bridge the disconnection we feel living in our world today.

Books, nature, the night sky, human connection, coffee shops, chai tea, tarot and oracle decks, crystals, chats about sustainability, travel, creating art, moss, houseplants, the simple things + consistently learning new things lights Mandee up.


 photographers: Alex Rose Photography, Laura Patrick Photography