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about us

Inner Light Botanicals founder Mandee Metzger

Our Story


" I’m always following my curiosity. I do things because I’m curious and want to learn more. I also do things because I feel into things with my heart and if my heart says yes and my mind says anything other than that, I do it. That’s what led me to become a yoga teacher, which led me to become a lot of other holistic things, like a crystal healer, reiki, mindfulness and ayurveda practitioner. And that later helped me create Inner Light Botanicals which is a natural skincare company for the earth- and energy- conscious that isn’t just about skincare but a whole lot of other holistic happy things on a mission to support mental health awareness by helping people like us sloowww down, be mindful, and know that it’s okay to feel things. "

- Mandee Metzger, Founder


It all started with just body scrubs and bath salts, but Inner Light Botanicals Founder, Mandee Metzger, wanted to do more. She wanted to expand her product line and feel completely aligned with her brand. Which means, she wanted every part of her product line to speak to her and to others, she wanted it to be MORE than just skincare, to be a combination of her passions and positivity that she wanted to share with the world.

She wanted to create skincare that would brighten someone’s day, who would brighten another person’s day, and would help make this world a brighter place to live in. It would inspire, uplift and empower.

And she did just that. 

This isn’t just about skincare. Inner Light Botanicals is a 100% natural skincare + lifestyle brand for the earth- and energy- conscious. Yoga-inspired and based on the idea of Ayurvedic routine, it combines many aspects of mindfulness and natural living into one good-vibe package that helps you use the small spaces in time during your daily routine to create positive movement in your life, helping you to connect with positive thoughts and get out of those negative thought cycles and move into feeling and becoming more embodied.

But it's not all about rainbows and butterflies over here. It's about feeling the feels, finding the tiny things in your day that move you from a place of darkness to light, even if it's just a small speck of light.

It's a mental and emotional health movement.
That advocates for mental and emotional health awareness.

At the core of Inner Light’s values is Ahimsa (meaning non-violence in Sanskrit) with a deep love for all of this planet’s beings, INCLUDING the self. We believe the most important part of Ahimsa begins with self-talk. It extends to the way you treat yourself, including your thoughts and what you tell yourself.

We believe in creating a positive, wonder-filled life, spreading mindfulness to others, making skincare from ingredients found in nature, and.. a little bit of magic that can only be found deep within.


Always, always remember to keep shining your light. *