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Did you know that each episode of the Just Earthly Podcast takes at least 3.5 hours to produce so that you can listen to it?

This has been a passion project of mine, the thing that lights me up as I connect with each guest around this planet and allow them to share their journey, their work of healing self, community and planet, and how it weaves through nature. Each and every guest shares an appreciation of nature and it shines through their work for self- and world- healing.

Donations like yours helps to support this passion project as I support the work of other small businesses to share what lights them up and the healing power of nature.

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If you believe in this mission, please consider making a donation.

Anything you can donate, no matter how small, is appreciated beyond words with a heart filled with so much gratitude.♡ Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!

Always, always remember to keep shining your light in this world.

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