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ep.7 Nourish your Nervous System from Stress, Burnout and Trauma w/ Nova Gump of Terra Nova Somatic Arts

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Nova Gump of Terra Nova Somatic Arts is a Somatic Coach and Massage Therapist who empowers people experiencing stress, burnout and trauma with simple ways to nourish their nervous systems. In this episode Nova and I chat about simple ways to feed and renew the nervous system versus time-consuming, expensive methods of self-care, Nova's personal practices of nourishment and how nature plays a role in it, how EFT tapping works, what Yomassage therapy is, the difference between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, why somatics are so important to us right now, finding balance and appreciation of the built human world in addition to the natural world, and raising kids with the environmental crisis of our world today and how to engage them with the natural world.

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Mandee Metzger, founder of Inner Light Botanicals, Just Earthly YouTube channel and Just Earthly Podcast host, gathers earth- and energy- conscious community and hosts online workshops, in-person outdoor adventure retreats and trainings in nature that always have a deep focus on building conscious community, creating a safe space, and a foundation for going deeper in personal practice with hands-on practices to embody the work. Mandee also creates moss walls and houseplant paintings on cheery backgrounds because she truly believes that plants make people happy.
She is an advocate for self-healing and world-healing and aims to do this through her work.