Nature Meditation with Mandee Metzger of Inner Light Botanicals

Weekly Nature Meditation ✭ WEDNESDAYS @8-8:30pm est (online)

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Our live nature meditation series has ended for now but signup and get on the waitlist for the upcoming one!

You'll still get immediate access to all previously recorded nature meditations so you can deepen your daily practice and connection with nature.


Get outdoors while we tune into the sounds and experiences of nature during a weekly guided nature meditation on Instagram LIVE.

This gathering will be held online but I encourage you to get outdoors while we meet. It will begin with a short reflection and guided practice with Mandee Nicole focused on our connection and healing with nature and end with journal prompts for deeper exploration and introspection.

Weekly live + recorded meditations.

This group will also have periodic challenges and group Zoom chats.

A one-time registration is required to gain access to the private nature meditation group on Instagram.

Can't make the time/day? As long as technology cooperates the recording will be posted on the private Instagram account.

Investment: By donation


Donations are always appreciated.

Your link to join will be emailed to you after registration. Please make sure you check the email provided when registering for further instructions. **




Any questions, concerns or things you'd like discuss prior to our gathering? email





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