Working through anger

I've been doing some work around anger recently, inspired by some reading from Real Change by Sharon Salzberg and Love and Rage by Lama Rod Owens.

FUN FACT: I get angry! And so do you. Even though many of us don't want to talk about our anger, we all get angry and that makes us human. What I've been learning is that there's so much we can learn from our anger, and when we learn from it, when we own it, when we experience it, we can also create change in ourselves and our world.

So much of our anger is wasted energy when we neglect it or use it in a harmful way. But when we take this passion derived from anger and transform the energy, we can use the fire to do good.

Keep this in mind when you experience anger:

See it.
Name it.
Own it. - Owning our anger empowers us. It's the point of empowerment.
Experience it. - This is a step that a lot of us refuse to do. We rather push it away, repress it, go around it, but not through it. When we experience the anger and what it feels like mentally and physically, we can gain clarity around it. It can liberate us and make us free. AND we can finally process it.
Let it go. - After we experience and process our anger, we can release it but we need to be able to move through the experience of it before we can actually get to this point of letting it go.
Let it float. - As you release the anger, let it float away like a cloud in the sky or a wave in the ocean. This is where we create space in our minds and bodies.

Self-Inquiry: How do you experience anger? Where do you begin to feel it in the body? How can you direct your anger to make change in your life and world?


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Mandee Metzger is the Creator and Founder of Inner Light Botanicals. She has studied and practices Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Crystal Healing, Reiki, and Integrative Nutrition and is a huge advocate for mental health awareness and feeling your feelings. She believes in the power of a smile, positivity, and the healing journey. She also believes in the power of integrating self-care into our daily life in small moments. And she believes in the power of the energy we put out into this world to transform lives and our planet. Find her simple self-care practices and mindful lifestyle on her YouTube channel, Mindfulness with Mandee. And practice with her in the Inner Light Sanctuary, an online healing space and yoga studio for self- and world- healing. 


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