Summer seasonal self-care

Seasonal Self-Care: Summer

There were times when I thought Spring wouldn't ever end, but what I learned throughout the last season at home is that nature continues moving forward. Nature is resilient. And so are we. We made it through and we will continue to make it through. So.. Happy Summer!!

Here are some things I like to do for self-care during summertime:

  • kayaking 
  • smoothies ~ my recent favorite recipe is: [a handful or two] frozen kale, [1/2] frozen banana, [a handful] frozen blueberries, [1 scoop] green superfood powder, [1 tbsp] peanut butter, [1 tbsp] chia seeds, unsweetened almond milk
  • hot water with lime in the mornings (this is an Ayurvedic tip for pitta dosha.. read more below)
  • reading poetry
  • spending time near water
  • hiking and camping
  • yoga outdoors
  • sitting outside to eat meals


Summer Solstice Practice: 108 Sun Salutations

Have any of you done this?? I'll be completely honest.. I've been yoga-ing and teaching yoga for years but haven't taken up this challenge.. yet! BUT weather pending, I'm going to go outside tomorrow and do it.. all 108 Sun Salutations. I'll report back what I learn in the process on my @innerlightbotanicals Instagram. ;) If you give it a try, let me know how it goes for you!!

What is a Sun Salutation? And how do you do it?  

Surya Namaskar, meaning Sun Salutation or "Salute to the Sun" in Sanskrit, is a series of yoga poses that warms, strengthens and aligns the body. If you've taken yoga classes with me, I guarantee you've done these lots of times :) They can be part of a yoga practice or be a stand-alone practice. 


Check out the video I made for you so you can give them a try:



Summer Season Dosha: Pitta (water + fire)

In Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga that works with the natural rhythm of nature, each season comes with its own set of imbalances called "doshas". Meaning, for Summer, we'll find a natural imbalance reflecting the qualities of water and fire, usually to go along with it's hot and sometimes humid weather.

Think: Too much heat. Temper. Irritability. Workaholic tendencies. Burning sensations and inflammation in the body. Acidic stomach. Red eyes. Skin rashes. Acne. Amplified controlling, "fiery" personality. Interrupted sleep. Loose bowel movements. 

"Like increases like" SO if you find yourself eating too many warming foods (hot and spicy foods, herbs like cinnamon, cardamom, etc), exercising mid-day when the sun is the hottest, being in the hot and humid weather often.. you can increase your temper, irritability, inflammation within the body and skin, your need for control, your drive to work so much to the point of exhaustion.. (all the things in the bold list above plus more). 

Cut back on these foods and activities that increase pitta dosha to balance yourself. Try eating cooling or sweet foods like cucumbers, watermelon, lime, coconut, herbs like cilantro. Try to make sure you hydrate and stay out of the sun at the hottest time of the day. Practice aromatherapy with cooling essential oils like peppermint. Don't overwork and try practices like meditation and gentle yoga.


"Within you is the light of a thousand suns" - Robert Adams






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Mandee Metzger is the Creator and Founder of Inner Light Botanicals. She has studied and practices Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Crystal Healing, Reiki, and Integrative Nutrition and is a huge advocate for mental health awareness and feeling your feelings. She believes in the power of a smile, positivity, and the healing journey. She also believes in the power of integrating self-care into our daily life in small moments. And she believes in the power of the energy we put out into this world to transform lives and our planet. Find her simple self-care practices and mindful lifestyle on her YouTube channel, Mindfulness with Mandee



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