Stuckness as practice

I haven’t been quite feeling like myself lately, a feeling of being stuck and short bursts of energy and a lot of fatigue which is pretty unusual for me. Winter is when I usually feel alive. But I've realized how stuckness really brings me into the present moment more than anything, focusing on the future and planning and creating for once doesn’t feel good so all I can do is focus living moment to moment.

I’ve decided to make stuckness a part of my practice.

I have also come to realize every time I go through a phase I feel a lot better after teaching yoga, my mat feels like a home to me and it just feels good. Thank you all who continue to show up, to allow me to become a better teacher and a better student of this practice called life. I love you all 

Journal Prompt: How do you lean into stuckness? What positive things can you find in making stuckness a part of your own practice? What are some things you do while you are in that phase? What types of rituals and activities help you feel better while being stuck and what helps you gain momentum again?



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Mandee Metzger is the Creator and Founder of Inner Light Botanicals. She practices and teaches about Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Crystal Healing, Reiki, and Integrative Nutrition and is a huge advocate for mental health awareness and feeling your feelings. She believes in the power of a smile, positivity, and the healing journey. She also believes in the power of integrating self-care into our daily life in small moments. And she believes in the power of the energy we put out into this world to transform lives and our planet. Find her simple self-care practices and mindful lifestyle on her YouTube channel, The Inner Light Life. And practice with her in the Inner Light Sanctuary, an online healing space and yoga studio for self- and world- healing. 

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