Movement = Momentum

Movement = momentum.

I recently wrote this in my journal.ūüĎÜ

Sometimes it's okay to be still, but sometimes self-care is movement. Self-care can be slowing down, or moving faster, depending on what you need. Remember this.

Most of the time we do need to slow down because we don't take a moment to pause, to even take a breath, to be mindful of what's really going on around us so we can really enjoy the simple pleasures of our life and world and be more in tune with ourselves and others.

However, as with everything, there needs to be a balance. I learned over the last month that I needed to move. And movement comes in all sorts of expression - yoga, kundalini, dancing, going to the gym, running, hikes outside, exploring a new place, shifts in life, taking a small action on a large project.. doing something!!

Movement allowed me to break through the stuckness I felt in January and allowed my creativity to flow, the stagnant energy to release and move out of my physical and energetic body, and it created momentum and made me feel alive. It raised my frequency, dropped whatever was lower frequency and no longer served me, and realigned my life. 

I've still been rather quiet on most of my platforms (IGTV and YouTube) as I currently work behind the scenes on some new things (hint: new revamped website coming in the future months as well as some e x p a n s i o n with some other endeavors.) I miss you all and will be back on video soon, I've got some things on my mind that I've been wanting to chat with you about and I've been doing some research on some topics I'd like to get your thoughts on. But for now you can catch up on
my YouTube videos on my channel which I renamed to The Inner Light Life (I've also got some things to say about this new change). Check them out if you haven't yet! I keep most of them short and sweet so you can fit them into your routine. :)

Journal Prompt: Do you feel like you need to slow down or speed up in your life right now? What's your expression of movement? How often do you move? Do you need to move more? Set a goal for yourself but tune in and re-evaluate when you are doing too much and need to slow down again.



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Mandee Metzger is the Creator and Founder of Inner Light Botanicals. She practices and teaches about Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Crystal Healing, Reiki, and Integrative Nutrition and is a huge advocate for mental health awareness and feeling your feelings. She believes in the power of a smile, positivity, and the healing journey. She also believes in the power of integrating self-care into our daily life in small moments. And she believes in the power of the energy we put out into this world to transform lives and our planet. Find her simple self-care practices and mindful lifestyle on her YouTube channel, The Inner Light Life. And practice with her in the Inner Light Sanctuary, an online healing space and yoga studio for self- and world- healing. 

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