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I'm taking a leap!

Soooo I LEAPED!! (scared but excited face) 

I'm officially taking a leap of faith into my business to really commit to Inner Light Botanicals, crystal healing, teaching about yoga, mindfulness, self-care, positive self-talk and to feel more aligned with my purpose to make more positive change in more lives. Yesterday was my last day in my full-time job that I held for over 8 years, and while it was part of the journey, it wasn't my calling. 

I've been feeling all of the emotions. I'm scared, excited, panic-y if I think about things too much, motivated, free. Above all, it feels right. 

I always tell myself to lead with the heart, and this decision was a huge test for me, but I know I'm going to be okay because of it. It's going to be a bumpy road for a little while, but I'm going to be okay.

Something I usually say at the end of my yoga classes is 'thank you for being here' and I want to say that to you here too. You make me a better person by just showing up, for believing in me and what I do. And to be honest, I wouldn't have had the courage if it wasn't for you and all of the real, raw, deep connections I've made with so many amazing humans along this journey so far. Being a small business owner can feel isolating sometimes but I can truly say I feel supported.

Please, always, always remember to keep shining your light. You don't know whose life you are changing because of it.

"Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone." - unknown


Light + Love,



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Mandee Metzger is the Creator and Founder of Inner Light Botanicals. She has studied and practices Crystal Healing, Reiki, Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, and Integrative Nutrition and is a huge advocate for mental health awareness. She believes in the power of a smile and positivity and the journey of healing. She also believes in the power of integrating self-care into your daily life. And most importantly, she believes in the power of the energy we put out into this world to transform lives and our planet. <3

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