How would it feel to not only be in tune with your innate body consciousness and guidance

Embodied Consciousness Workshop with Lori Reising and Inner Light Botanicals
How would it feel to not only be in tune with your innate body consciousness and guidance (that is always interacting with you in your highest good), but to easily accept and respond to those messages for more joy and ease in your human journey!? And also to be excited for the possibilities that you are about to open up from the adaptability and fluidity that came with your
response? And to feel AH MA ZING from living a soul-led life??

Welcome to the doorway, you get to choose if you step in...
In the Embodied Consciousness Workshop, we begin with a powerful ceremony, ritual and intention setting practice...for a reason! We are ritualistic beings and it is from intentional ritual that we create limitless belief systems, possibilities and begin tapping into our innate potential and the ancient encoded wisdom that is within us all.

We are going to learn fun and effective techniques to access those innate wisdom codes so you can begin a consistent, supported practice of connecting with higher consciousness realms, ancestors, Intelligent Life, support systems and mindset shifts for magnetizing new realities and timelines in quantum shifts that expand your human experience here and now.

By moving beyond the conscious mind and into our cellular connection, we not only clearly hear the messages of co-creation that our guides and higher self have always been sending us, but we also begin to open up the pathway to releasing limitation mindsets, traumas and the deep layers of cultural programming with ease and joy. We begin to differentiate our intuitive "hits" and
messages from the conditioned control and fear reactions that we have been living in. We begin to take the brakes off. We rediscover our greatest tool in manifestation and abundance for living in our souls purpose and passion. It is US!  And then, we create miracles.

Get ready for some rad interactive practices, deep meditation spaces and a whole lotta FUN! Join us live this Thursday, May 12th from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EST or catch the replay when it works for you!

For more info and registration click here Embodied Consciousness Online

About the Workshop Host

Lori Reising is an Intuitive Medium who finds the magic as the founder of The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast, Awakening Your Life Force Retreats and Beginning Within Therapy.

Lori is a sought after Conscious Thought Leader with a flare for delivering evolutionary truths with humor, vulnerability and deep passion.  She has been in therapeutic practice since 2001, offering support and guidance in cellular trauma and embodiment through digital courses and downloads, all-inclusive destination retreats, New and Full Moon gatherings, energy and shadow work, Intuitive Oracle Readings, The Wild Heart Ones Circle Membership, sacred childbirth mentoring and destroying this programmed culture of fear. As a Meditation Guide, Ritual Facilitator, Trauma-Informed Healing Artist, Digital Course Creator, Channeler, Pelvic Floor Therapist and Educator she moves people into our inherent truth that we all came here with.  She lives in and works with our elemental nature, the astral support system, body consciousness, cellular wisdom, knowledge and the Divinity within that is your birthright. You can find her under the magic of the sun and moon, living in and with nature, stoking your passion over Instagram, riding waves of the ocean or the peace of lakes, working on her converted van home, and learning from her special needs animal sidekick every single day.

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